Thursday, January 15, 2009

First post of the new year!!

Well, I know it's already the 15th of January, but I am just now getting around to posting an update on how things are going around here. We will start with the update on Benjamin... He is once again climbing on everything in sight! We got some pictures of him in the act...

We all went to Gattiland to celebrate my mom and uncle Robin's birthday. I did Benjamin's hair and it looked SO cute... although he kinda needs a haircut. Here are some pictures from the party. We had a good time and hope that mom and Robin had a great birhtday!!

As you might have noticed in some of these pictures, Benjamin has a rash on his chin and a little around his nose from all the drooling and milk dripping down his chin. His tongue is constantly sticking out of his mouth, and so because of this, we can't keep his chin dry and it's created a real bad rash. We are working on getting rid of it, but he just won't keep the chin dry. Other than that, Benjamin has been doing really well! He is loving all his new toys from Christmas and he is looking forward to little Tyson joining our family. (as much as he can understand anyway)

Now an update on Tyson... on Tuesday I went in for an appointment and found out that there was no change in my dilation but the baby had dropped. He said he has no idea what is holding the baby in, with as low as he is. So the doctor put me on official bed rest. (an outing every now and again is okay but only to save my sanity) Well on Tuesday night the contractions began getting harder and closer together. On Wednesday they were close enough together to call the doctor. I went in to see my doctor and he checked me again and found that I am now dilated to 1 cm and my cervix has thinned out. Because of this, the doctor admitted me to the hospital to monitor me and try to stop the labor. We are 33 weeks along, and really need to make it last another 3 weeks. They kept me there and monitored me for 4 hours and gave me two doses of Terbutiline to slow down the contractions. They felt that it worked pretty well so they sent me home with prescription for Terbutiline to take as needed. So we are hoping this will keep the baby in a little longer. I have my next appointment on Tuesday, so we will know more at that point. :o)
Yesterday evening Kathie arrived from Utah. She is here to help me while on bed rest and to visit with Benjamin. We are so grateful to have her here, so that she can give my mom a break and of course the help is VERY appreciated. Benjamin has not let her sit still since she got here. He drags her all over the house and they play together all day. It's been fun so far! She is here until Thursday the 22nd. We are so glad she was able to make it down!!!
I want to thank my mom for all the time she has been spending with me since I was put on bed rest. I don't know what we would have done without her help! She organized my house, cleaned, cooked, entertained Benjamin and helped me run my errands! She's amazing and I'm so grateful for everything she did for us!!!

Well, now that I am "officially" on bedrest, I am working on finishing my continuing education for my Utah Loan Officer License. I have 13 hours of classes left to do. So I'm going to get on that now. I will update you all again as soon as we know more!