Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!

On July 29th Benjamin James turned two!! I can't believe he's already two years old. How fast the time flies by... We had a birthday party at my house and here's who joined in the fun...

Great Aunt Teri, Great Grandpa Jones, Grandpa Chuck, and Great Grandma Jones

Great Aunt Jamie, Cousin Loni, Tyson and Grandma

Great Uncle Robin and Cousin Trace

Aunt Taylor and Cody

Daddy and Great Grandma Annie

And of course, Benjamin and Mommy

There were others that avoided pictures... Like Aunt Leah and Uncle Tim, and Great Aunt Marla. We all had a great time! He got a ton of great toys which he still can't get enough of. Aaron and I bought him a little tricycle that we still can't get him to ride outside.

Ben is totally into cars, trucks and motorcycles right now, and I would say that was majority of his toys. Here's a couple pictures of him trying out his new toys...

Tim, Leah and Loni volunteered to do the birthday cake. Not sure how I'm going to outdo them next year! They did a fantastic job!!! Here's a picture of it... It was so pretty, I didn't want to cut it up!

Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the presents!! He had a great time!

June and July-ish

Okay, I suck at updating this blog. But I'm going to take some time today to update everyone on what's been going on for us. We will start with our trip to Washington... We went to Washington in June and had a blast. We went to Seattle and hung out there for a while, and then just spent the rest of the week in Everett where I grew up. Here are some pictures from Seattle.
Somehow Tyson and Benjamin got cut out of this picture...

Ben and Aaron just had to stop for ice cream :)

Overall we had a pretty relaxing vacation. I didn't get to see as many people as I'd hoped, but maybe next time!

Since then we have been in Austin just hanging out with family and working. We go swimming at my parent's house quite often and the boys love it. Both boys like the water alot! So here are some pictures from our swimming trips...

Taylor floating with Benjamin...

Aaron and Benjamin - we just bought him this little float circle thingy... he loves it

Me and Tyson - he almost fell asleep when we were floating like this!

Leah, Tim and Josie

Okay, and I don't even remember where this picture is from - but Haroldsen family - tell me that this picture does not remind you of Luke...

Anyway, more updates to come...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Lindsey will be posting an update shortly. So much has gone we've been too busy and have neglected the blog.