Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Nail Test - Explanation

Okay, everyone keeps asking me what the nail test is. It is where you tie a nail to the end of a string and hold it over the pregnant belly. You hold it still and then while it's hanging there, it starts to move. If it moves side to side - it's a boy, and if it moves in a circle - it's a girl. It's something my grandma has done with her kids, and my aunt and mom have done it with all of their kids. It's just a fun little test to see if you can predict the sex of the baby. It hasn't been wrong yet! So if it's right this time, I'll be having a girl!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well it's official... we are expecting our second baby on March 5, 2009. We are very excited about the new addition to our family. I am approximately 12 weeks along. We are still unsure of the sex of the baby... however we did the nail test with my family today and it said we are having a girl. The nail has YET to be wrong. So we will see what happens!! If anyone has any good ideas for names that sound good with Haroldsen... we are open to suggestions so send them our way!

I will keep everyone posted on how the pregnancy is going and how the little baby is doing. So far I have experienced a completely different pregnancy than the first time. I wasn't sick at all with Benjamin, just at night a little... but with this one... I am sick all the time and have to eat like crazy in order to avoid feeling nauseous. Somehow - I seem to be losing weight... it doesn't really make sense to me. I also have been having some cramps that the doctor said drinking a lot of water should take care of. I have a really hard time drinking lots of water... but I am doing the best I can!

Anyway - that's it for now! I just wanted to make the official announcement! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Been a while...

Well it's been a while since I've written, so let me catch everyone up. I will start by finishing up our trip to Utah. After Ben finally got over his fever, he developed a rash on his torso and face. Turns out what he had was Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. We are thinking he got it from the Airport on that little toy or the other kids that were playing with him. We are not sure exactly how he got it. Here's a picture of his little rash, it's kinda hard to see...

We went to the park with Aaron's family on Pioneer Day and had a great time! On that Friday we did a combined birthday party for all of the July birthdays. Here's all the birthday boys and girls...
We spent the rest of the vacation just hanging out with the family. It was a very nice vacation (minus the sick baby part.) We are so glad we got to see everybody, and can't wait to see everyone again soon.

When we got back to Texas we celebrated Benjamin's 1st birthday! I started an evening job, so we had to do it over the weekend. The party was a little bit after his first birthday - but I figured he doesn't really know the difference. :)

He LOVED his cupcake!!

Anyway - since our trip to Utah, we have just been back to work and relaxing at home. We have had several visitors here in Austin, including my aunt Jamie and cousins Kade and Loni (visiting from Washington) It was great to see them!!

Tonight we had a BBQ at the Jones' with my mom's aunt Carolyn, uncle GD and cousin Becky. It was great to meet them! I don't know very many family members on my mom's side, so that was a treat to meet some of them finally!

In about a week we will have Leslie Turner here visiting, and then after that, we are very excited to have Craig and Kathie come see us!! It's been a busy summer, but a great one!!