Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5th Anniversary - Part One

Aaron and I took a cruise for our 5th Anniversary. We went with Norwegian Cruise Line (which we loved) and it left out of New Orleans on May 1st. Our really good friends Cori & Jaxon were able to come on the same cruise which was AMAZING. We had a blast.

This is at the port in New Orleans. We had just gotten on the boat.

This is our room. Teeny little thing.

The following are some pictures of the pool and food area on the top deck...

The formal night was the second day of our cruise. We got all dressed up. :)


In Costa Maya, we just walked around this little town, purchased some souveniers, and swam in this amazing pool they had overlooking the ocean. It was pretty sweet.


In Roatan we walked around the little shopping centers right on the pier, and then we took a bus tour with Cori and Jaxon. The driving made me a LITTLE nervous because the roads are tiny and they all go so fast! But our tour guide took us to a little shopping center outside of town, and then we stopped at a lighthouse - where they happen to have a little monkey that we paid three dollars to hold! So worth it. After that, he dropped us off at this beautiful beach. I'm not much of a beach person, but it was really pretty!


Camey said...

Love your sundress! Jealous you got to do that! Was it a good deal? I so want to do something like that! Cori looks so familiar to me!

Aaron and Lindsey said...

Really? She was my roommate in Utah but is from California. That's where she lives now. :) She's awesome.

I have a family member that is a travel agent. We spent about $1205 for the 7 nights on the cruise ship. It was worth every penny. We went on the Norweigian Cruise Line. It was amazing :)

Valerie Hall said...

looks like lots of fun! we have been looking at cruises to go on for this fall:)

Leah Sannar said...

Yep, it's time to cruise again. I need to start looking...